Founded in November 2010 and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, el zein management consultancies helps companies in the Middle East and North Africa region maximize their growth and performance by integrating best practice management and communications solutions.

Our clients include countless prestigious organizations in the MENA region.

Our founder, Saad El Zein, is a regionally recognized authority in the fields of communications and management. With over two decades of experience in the region, he has been expertly influencing organizations develop their most valuable capital- their people.



With over 22 years of experience in the fields of advertising, marketing and media in the Middle East and North Africa region, Saad El Zein has successfully accumulated invaluable experiences in a variety of industries that include retail, banking, FMCG's, airlines, media and communication. His multi-cultural experiences and collaborations in the MENA region, and especially in the highly cosmopolitan Dubai, add value to the all-important human element of cultural understanding and reciprocation.

Equipped with a wealth of practical knowledge and a distinctive nature that boasts inquisitiveness, respect and passion for whatever he is doing, Saad was able, over the years, to tread many venues and explore the numerous facets of business, while insisting upon engaging himself in the know-how's of business growth, management and development.

In 2011, Saad decided it was high time he began utilizing his expertise, passion and experiences in a consultative manner that adds value to businesses in need. Thus Saad's latest vision came into fruition in the form of el zein management consultancies.

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